Livestock For Sale


We keep this page updated weekly so any listed animals are available until marked SOLD. At times we have other livestock for sale that may not be listed so feel free to call the farm at 845.514.0063 to inquire about other opportunities. All health, registry (if applicable), and lineage information available on request. All goats sold off our farm will come CD&T vaccinated.

NOTE: We have a closed herd and take bio-security very seriously. All new livestock brought to our farm go into quarantine for at least 1 month on a designated parcel of pasture to ensure that we do not transmit disease or parasites. If you are going to visit the farm to view a potential livestock purchase we ask that you wear footwear that hasn’t previously been on another farm. We will also require you disinfect all footwear before entering the pasture or barns. This is non-negotiable.¬†

Last Update: Sept 18 2018



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Toggenburg/Nubian Cross Bucks

8 months old

Raw milk to weaning then grass fed

$125 each

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 Kiko/Boer bucklings
Born 1/2018
Can be wethered. UPT on CDT and trimming.
30-50lbs live weight
$200 each

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Purebred Boer Buck
Born 4/2018
Can be wethered. Up to date on CDT and trimming.




60 Californian/White New Zealand/San Juan cross Rabbits
4 months- 7 months old
$20 each or wholesale prices available