Hudson Valley Goatscaping

From poison ivy to invasives, like Multiflora Rose, they can eat it all. 

Naturally fertilized land helps new grass grow. Soil health improves.

No pollution, no fumes, no loud noises.

Enjoy watching the goats work and play!

*Please note, we are not accepting any new goatscaping jobs at this time


Hudson Valley Goatscaping
with The Green Machines

Goats have been used for centuries for land management and provide an ecologically sound and economically viable alternative for biological weed and brush control.

Goats are an organic solution to land clearing and brush clearing, fertilize the ground as they work, and you’ll love watching them eat away your unwanted plants. 

Goatscaping starts at $500 a week. Total pricing varies based on your location, acreage to be cleared, type of vegetation, and many other factors.

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We’ve been Goatscaping since 2015

Years ago, a friend asked if we would bring our goats to her neighbor’s vineyard to clear plant growth from between the rows of grapes. It sounded like a fun venture so we said YES! Fast forward to 2020 and our goats have cleared poisonous, invasive and other unwanted vegetation for dozens of Hudson Valley landowners, historic sites and estates.  

We are fully insured (and so are our goats) and all goatscaping projects are performed and managed by us. 


Poison Ivy

Causes blistering skin rash 

Multiflora Rose

Forms dense thickets that invade pastures and crowd out native species


Grows as a vine that smothers plants and uproots trees due to its weight

What Do I Need To Do Before Goatscaping?

  • Clear your land of plastic, rusted metals, barbed wire, glass, uncovered holes like a well hole, hunting traps, etc.
  • Turn off underground dog electric fencing (no, your pups can’t be running around loose while the goats are visiting).
  • If you are not having us refill goat water, you’ll need to setup a hose or another watering method.

What Should I Expect?

The Green Machines are all friendly goats who you will instantly fall in love with. They may need a few hours to adjust to your property, noises, etc and may look a little out of their element. Expect each goat to eat approximately 10-20lbs of forage per day. They will also drink approx. 20 gals of water per day. Goats often “talk” to each other and passing humans so do not become alarmed if you hear them happily talking away. They will likely stick close together as they are herd animals and become stressed if they are alone.

Our Happy Clients

“Best Summer ever! Not only did the goats eat all that horrifying poison ivy but our friends had so much fun visiting us for ‘Goat Cocktail Hour’.”

“We were sad to see the goats go but very pleased with the job they performed. We can’t wait to have them back next year!”

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